Dojo Leader: Roland Duval, Godan
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Roland attended his first practice in May of 1963 in Eastview, a town which eventually became Vanier, an eastern neighbourhood of Ottawa. He became a shodan in 1971, and started teaching karate the following year. In 1981 Roland and his students were invited to a Special Training, after which they were also

invited to become a Canada Shotokan dojo. Roland and his students joined Canada Shotokan in order to benefit from Master Ohshima’s teachings. In 1992 Roland passed his yodan test to become a 4th dan black belt, and in 2006 Mr. Ohshima promoted him to the godan, 5th dan, black belt level. Roland has been travelling to practice with Mr. Ohshima in California, BC, and Japan since 1981, and often brings senior teachers to lead seminars in Ottawa.

Instructor: Richard Copping, Sandan
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Richard graduated from the University of Ottawa with a B Admin. in 1995. He began practicing with Roland Duval in 1973, who promoted him to the rank of shodan in 1980. Richard is currently a sandan (3rd degree black belt) in a five dan system, and is now training for the yodan rank. As well as instructing, Richard also manages the club, and often helps arrange seminars taught by senior members from affiliated dojos. He encourages all levels to take part in short out of town visits with affiliated clubs to broaden their learning experience.

Instructor: Paul Gulyas, Sandan

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Paul has a BSc in Physics from McMaster and currently works in business

development at IBM Canada. He started practicing karate in 1973 with Roland Duval in Ottawa. Paul continued to practice while at McMaster University and also while living in Toronto after graduation with a number of different clubs. Paul returned to Ottawa in 1980 after receiving his shodan and was later granted nidan in 1983 by Ohshima-sensei. He was awarded the sandan rank at Summer Special Training in 2009. Paul started Twente Shotokan Karate Dojo in the Netherlands in 1984 and has also taught at a number of Upper Canada Shotokan Dojos in Kanata, Dovercourt and at Algonquin College. He is married to Heather with two wonderful daughters, Jessica and Lauren.

Instructor: Hashmat Khan, Sandan
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Hashmat started his karate practice at the Upper Canada Shotokan Dojo in Ottawa, Canada in July 1999 under Roland Duval (godan). In 2002, he moved to the UK and founded the first SKA London dojo. Hashmat has participated in many karate events, tournaments and special trainings in Spain, France, Netherlands, Canada, and the US and he returned to Ottawa in 2005. In 2006, Hashmat received the Canada Shotokan Member of the Year recognition from Ohshima sensei. Hashmat is an economics professor at Carleton University and was a visiting professor at UC Berkeley during 2011-12.